Animal Test Reviews

Animal Test ReviewsThe many positive Animal Test reviews out there prove that this is definitely one of the most underrated test boosters, but can it be ranked with the best test boosters?

The biggest flaw of Animal Test is the price. Many people don’t want to try it for that reason alone. Most Animal Test reviews will tell you that the results from Animal Test are most definitely worth its’ price.

Animal Test Reviews From Users

“During a 42-day cycle of this product, I gained about 6 pounds and increased my dead-lift from 375 to 425, my squat from 315 to 345, and on the bench press I went from doing 225 6 times to 10 times”

“Took the 42 day cycle and crushed plateaus everywhere. Will cycle again!”

“three cycles later my arms incresed from 18.5 to 20 inches and my bench from 355 to 470. i would swear by this…

“I used this for 6 weeks in combination with a high protein diet and gained 1.5 inches on my arms. Bench also went up a little from about 215 to 235. Expensive, but definitely worth a try.”

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What To Expect From Animal Test

First of all, make sure you are 21 and over or you may regret spending money on a product that won’t work for your age group. Not everyone responds to Animal Test but the users who do see awesome results. Results almost comparable to a weak prohormone.

That is one of the flaws from the many Animal Test reviews, the results are inconsistent. This makes it risky to try a test booster as pricey as Animal Test. This could be why Ainmal Test is underrated, price and inconsistency.

The effects from Animal Test reviews are all over the place. Some users report massive strength and size gains while others claim they got fuller and leaner but minimal size or strength gains. There are a lot of variables that can factor in to this, as with any other supplement reviews out there. Animal Test did appear to be more inconsitent then better test boosters such as Pink Magic.

You need to eat like a horse while on Animal Test and you will really accentuate your results. Many Animal Test reviews noted a slight leaning out effect without trying to drop body fat. You can get away with some extra calories, just keep them clean of course.

Positive Effects From Animal Test Reviews

    • Increased confidence, sometimes up and down
    • Strength gains compared to a weak prohormone for some
    • Size gains in the range of 3-5 lbs per 21 day cycle
    • All day fullness
    • Increased pumps in the gym
    • Increased libido starting after week 1, to the point where it may get distracting
    • Veins will appear more pronounced, especially through forearms, front delts, and chest
    • Leaning out effect

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Negative Effects From Animal Test Reviews

  • No results at all reported by some Animal Test reviews
  • Acne starting around week 2 for some, more so on the back
  • The feeling of being thristy all the time, can’t seem to get enough water
  • Feel sore for longer in the days after working out, this is caused by the Arachadonic Acid
  • Loss in size and strength gains after stopping the cycle, this can be combatted by starting a creatine cycle immediately after and keeping the calories up.
  • Price tag

Is Animal Test Worth a Try?

I would say so. I have not tried it myself but it is on my list of supplements to try at some point. If it was not as pricey it would be an easy answer, yes. Since the price is above most other test boosters it is a greater risk. This is for you if you are willing to take the risk you will be one of the amazing responders to Animal Test.

If you are not willing to give Animal Test a shot then I highly recommend taking a look at Pink Magic reviews instead.

If you have decided after the Animal Test Reviews that this is the best test booster for you then swing by the coupon codes section to get your discount.

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My name is Rob, I have a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management, and an ex-manager, now Fitness Consultant, of a very popular gym here in Canada.

I have experimented with 1000’s of dollars worth of supplements, and I want to educate people so they don’t make the same mistakes as me when it comes to buying supplements that just don’t work.

I have experimented with all sorts of weight lifting supplements for about the last 9 years now. I started getting serious around 15 years old, with creatine, protein, weight gainers, amino acids, glutamine, all natural and safe of course. Then the industry really broke loose a couple years after that.

Every year there was the next big thing, from nitric oxide, to pre workout supplements, to post workout supplements, to testosterone boosters, etc. I have tried numerous products from each category. Of course, what worked for me will not work for everyone, but I will keep this as unbiased as possible.

Animal Test

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