MHP T-Bomb 2 Review

t-bomb | t-bomb 2MHP T-Bomb 2 has been out for about 4 years now, giving me hundreds of T-Bomb 2 reviews to get all the dirty little details. T-Bomb 2 is quite a popular testosterone booster being out so long as has been attempted by most gym goers.

After 4 years of T-Bomb 2 being out, MHP is due to give T-Bomb 2 a critical update. This is to keep up with the likes of other excellent, consistently advancing, testosterone boosters, like Activate Xtreme, Triazole, Pink Magic, and Viridex XT, as T-Bomb 2 is falling off the list completely.

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T-Bomb 2 Reviews From Users

I gained about 5 LBS of lean mass in 60 days

I took the 2 month supply and I experienced strenght gains of about 15 lbs in every major muscle category. It improved my vascularity and energy levels.”

Likes: 1.increased max bench from 175 to 225 1 rep in 2 months 2. Muscle hardness. 3. Increased muscle endurance tremendously 4. Felt healthy Dislikes: 1. If not eating anything after taking it I felt a slight bit of nausea. 2. Big pimples on back 3. Smells/tastes like poop

third week I notched the change. Went from benching 195lbs 6 sets of 7. To doing 225 lbs 6 sets of 9 reps!!!!!! Crazy !”

T-Bomb 2 | A Closer Look

Do not be fooled by the above T-Bomb 2 reviews, there were not many like that, but I had to post something positive about T-Bomb 2 before I tear it apart.

MHP T-Bomb 2 might have been good 4 years ago, but they are WAY BEHIND on their innovation. Testosterone boosters have come a long way since T-Bomb 2 came out 4 years ago, it is long overdue for an update.

The T-bomb 2 reviews are consistent with the above statement as I was not impressed by them at all, I would never purchase this supplement based on this alone, not too mention the unimpressive list of ingredients.

Either way, there were some positive T-Bomb 2 reviews I read, but not very many. Most users saw very little to nothing at all.You will need 8 weeks worth of T-Bomb 2 for it to be worth your while. You will not notice much until you get into the third week.

T-Bomb 2 Side Effects and Negatives

  • Headaches, EXTREMELY common
  • Nausea
  • Terrible smell

Factors that must be most important for you to buy T-Bomb 2

  • Not recommended

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T-Bomb 2 Ingredients

t-bomb | t-bomb 2The majority of ingredients in T-Bomb 2 are very recognizable, and surprisingly effective, if this was 6 years ago. There are common ingredients you will find in other effective testosterone boosters such as Fusion’s Zeus (Fenugreek and Long Jack), Thermolife’s T-bol (Long Jack), and Tribulus, which is extremely outdated and many argue very ineffective.

With the proprietary blend being 903mg of the “testosterone boosting” ingredients, I do not see how there could possibly be enough of any of the ingredients to be effective. For example, an effective amount of tribulus (if even effective) would be 1-2 grams, and Zeus has 350mg of Fenugreek and 300mg of Long Jack.

There is no way in hell that MHP’s T-Bomb 2 has anywhere near that amount for any of their ingredients, even when taking 2 doses every day. No wonder most T-Bomb 2 reviews do not get results, or very minimal results.

Many of the best test boosters such as Designer Supplement’s Activate Xtreme and Triazole, USP Labs’ Pink Magic, Gaspari’s Viridex XT, and Deer Antler Plus have all one thing in common, there are all innovative and constantly improvising. If MHP does not make an improvement soon they can just take T-Bomb 2 off the shelf.

T-Bomb 2 | Conclusion

If you have decided after the compilation of MHP T-Bomb 2 reviews that T-Bomb 2 is the best test booster for you then swing by the coupon codes section to get your discount.

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