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Choose your bodybuilding magazine, or as some would say… muscle magazine, from this list of the most popular and best selling bodybuilding magazines on the market today.


muscle magazine | bodybuilding magazine


Fbodybuilding magazine | muscle magazineLEX MAGAZINE


flex magazineAbout Flex Magazine

Goal: muscle development and bodybuilding

Flex magazine is the best bodybuilding magazine you will find on the shelf today. It is a gloabal best seller out of all the bodybuilding magazines. Flex Magazine was founded by Joe Weider in 1983. If you are into bodybuilding, whether a competitor or fan, Flex magazine will cover all major bodybuilding events from workout routines, to nutrition, to backstage, to secrets of the pros. Competitive tactics and strategies to create a successful bodybuilding career are covered as well.

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Muscle and Fitness

About Mmuscle and fitnessuscle and Fitness

Goal: overall health and fitness

Muscle and Fitness was also founded by Joe Weider and is the slighly less popular companion to Flex Magazine. It differs from Flex in that it is not as mainstream towards bodybuilding and more focused on the commercial side of the fitness industry.  Muscle and Fitness has starred bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities alike. One complaint readers have is the multiple page supplement ads  that pose as articles.

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Abomusclemagut MuscleMag

Goal: muscle development and bodybuilding

Musclemag was founded in 1974 by Robert Kennedy, the author of the very popular bodybuilding book “Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding: The Complete A-Z Book on Muscle Building“.

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Bodybuilding Magazine | Muscle Magazine Conclusion

These are three great choices of bodybuilding magazines and you cannot go wrong with choosing any of them. Hopefully this will give some insight on helping you choose the best bodybuilding magazine (muscle magazine) for you.


My name is Rob, I have a diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management, and an ex-manager, now Fitness Consultant, of a very popular gym here in Canada.

I have experimented with 1000’s of dollars worth of supplements, and I want to educate people so they don’t make the same mistakes as me when it comes to buying supplements that just don’t work.

I have experimented with all sorts of weight lifting supplements for about the last 9 years now. I started getting serious around 15 years old, with creatine, protein, weight gainers, amino acids, glutamine, all natural and safe of course. Then the industry really broke loose a couple years after that.

Every year there was the next big thing, from nitric oxide, to pre workout supplements, to post workout supplements, to testosterone boosters, etc. I have tried numerous products from each category. Of course, what worked for me will not work for everyone, but I will keep this as unbiased as possible.